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Temporomandibular Disorder (TMJ)

Are you worried it’s because you feel this severe pain in your in your face particularly in your jaw joint area , perhaps your neck and shoulders or probably have hard time chewing because of a pain you feel around the ear?Well, if you say yes to any of these pain you might be suffering TMJ disorder.

TMJ or popularly known as temporomandibular disorder, is a problem that arise with your jaw and the muscles on your face. Most of us are not really aware of TMJ unless we visit our dentists and be educated about it. Most dentists believed that some of the causes of TMJ disorder has something to do with the following : grinding or clenching of your teeth while you chew, too much stress and if you have arthritis. For you to be more familiar of TMJ disorder let me share below the common symptoms:

  • Most common , there is a pain or tenderness in the face area
  • Everytime you speak , chew or try opening the motuh widely, it gives pain around the ear
  • When jaws get locked in whe you try to open or closed your mouth
  • You feel this tiredness on your face.
  • Swelling on the face.


For TMJ disorders patients will be required to have a full face xray so your dentist can view your jaws, your temporomandibnular joints and your teeth to be able to see the root cause of the problems.

So ensure when you feel any of these symptoms go and visit the dentist nearest you.

image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/138501603@N02/24374727052/sizes/l